Guerrilla Galleries

Introducing PALLET Arts’ innovative ‘Shop Galleries‘ service – a captivating fusion of art and urban transformation. We breathe new life into disused shop fronts, curating displays that showcase a diverse array of local artists’ works. As you stroll through the city, immerse yourself in our dynamic ‘city wide’ gallery. And the excitement doesn’t end there – each artwork is just a click away at, allowing you to bring the essence of your city into your own space with the ease of online purchase and delivery straight to your door. Rediscover your surroundings and support local talent through PALLET Arts’ mesmerizing ‘Shop Galleries’ experience.

For local authorities, estate agents, and facilities managers eager to explore our ‘Shop Galleries’ service further, connect with us today at or call 07896505722. Unveil the art of urban transformation with PALLET Arts.


We don’t just put on events and displays, we can help you bring artwork to your walls. Whether it’s your workplace, café, or home, our team can guide you through the exciting journey of selecting and showcasing artwork that resonates with your style and vision. With an extensive portfolio of talented artists, we offer a diverse range of artworks that can elevate any environment.

Join us in turning blank canvases into captivating narratives.