The Informal Way To View Art.

Art is all around us – in our homes, the media and throughout our cities.

PALLET puts on events, exhibitions and projects to offer an alternative to the traditional, creating an informal environment for all. 

Join us to change the expectation and remove the barriers for artists.

About Us

PALLET are curators full of enthusiasm to change the way art is experienced and enjoyed in the modern world. Through events, projects and curation we give artists of all backgrounds, experience and mediums the opportunity to showcase their work. 

Our regular events break down traditional expectations of viewing art, we’re not about white walls and sipping wine (although there’s always a bar at our events so if that’s your thing you can do that too). We feature artists in a wide range of mediums accompanied by live music from local bands. Our PALLET events create an informal setting for artists to share their work and for the public to enjoy it.