Karina Geddes


Primarily my work focuses on traditional illustration mediums like pencil, paints and inks. I originally trained in textile design and craft so my practice incorporates embroidery and print.

Price Range: £10-£300

Size Range: A5-A2 (14.85x21cm- 42×59.4cm)



Combination of ink and brush drawing with digital colour.

Price Range: Merchandise: £2.50 – 25 | Commissions: £60-300

Size Range: A4 to A3 (art prints and comissions)

Tomos Gwyn


Oil Paints, Pencil and Printmaking

Price Range: £100 – £400

Size Range: 148.5mm x 210 mm – 297mm x 420mm

David W. J. Lloyd


I work with mixed media, digital and tradtional techniques. Painting, drawing and digital montage using original vernacular photographs and other materials.

Price Range: £150 – £900

Size Range: A4 to A2 (21×29.7 cm to 56.4x42cm)

João Saramago


Drawing, ballpoint pen/biro on paper

Price Range: £250 to £500 – £1000/£1500

Size Range: 29.8cm x 42cm – 175cm x 180cm



watercolour, pencil, ink, collage, photography, cardboard/paper craft/modelling

Price Range: £25-£50

Size Range: prints around size A4 and smaller, biggest pieces A3/A2

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