The centre of my current practice is the use of contemporary craft techniques to subvert / negate the function of objects using material and a humorous aesthetic. I am currently using tufting, found objects and other wool craft techniques to explore how craft relates to the domestic space. ​

Creating objects that can no longer function as what they represent, opens a conversation around the self. the self. I am asking viewers to imagine themselves within these objects just as I am. By doing this I am exploring the idea of the self-portrait,​asking if relevant objects can serve the same, if not a better purpose to the traditional self-portrait. The work is a response to questioning my own function as a female craft artist, as I question my place within contemporary art. ​

Using familiar domestic objects makes it easier for the viewer to relate to and allows them to question their own function, whilst also drawing on the connection between women, the domestic space, and traditional women’s craft.